Shropshire Welfare Trust group of charities

Hello! Welcome to the online home of Shropshire Welfare Trust.

We are a group of three charities supporting  individuals and organisations in Shropshire.  

  • Shropshire Welfare Trust

    • Constituted by a Trust Deed dated 26 July 1948. The Charity’s registered number is 218206
  • Thompson Pritchard Trust

    • Constituted by a Trust Deed dated 6 April 1939, founded by the Will of Annie Louise Pritchard and comprised in a scheme dated 12 October 1956. The Charity’s registered number is 234601.
  • Dr Gardner’s Trust for Nurses

    •  Constituted by a Trust Deed dated 27 July 1948, founded by the Will of Dr Henry Willoughby Gardner and comprised in schemes of the Charity Commissioners of the 7 July 1951 and 12 April 1957. The Charity’s registered number is 218202.

The Charity Group’s principal income is derived from investment income.  The charities are managed by a Board of Trustees who are appointed at the Annual Meeting in April each year.  The Trustees also meet in October and at other times as needed. We welcome donations to help support our schemes in Shropshire.  The charities are registered with the Charity Commission.    

The Chair of the charity is Mrs Emma Kidson and the Joint Honorary Secretaries are Dr Peter Bottomley, Dr Ellen Nolan, Dr Sarah Lyle and Dr David Northern

Please note that repeat grants to individuals are not normally awarded

27th September 2023


The Thompson Pritchard Trust has been able to help the people of Shropshire by making over one hundred grants so far this year. Unfortunately, we are now at a point where the charity’s resources for this financial period are exhausted. To comply with the charity’s constitution, we have ceased issuing grants until the next financial period commencing in January 2024.

Our website will be kept updated so that applicants and their professional supporters are aware of the situation.

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