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  • Shropshire Welfare Trust

  • Dr Gardner’s Trust for Nurses

  • Thompson Pritchard Trust

General Data Protection Regulation Policy

May 2022

This policy is relevant for all those applying to any one of the above charities, either in person or via a third party.

If the application for a grant is under £500

Collection of Personal Details and Information

We collect and process personal information, including name, address and contact details, personal medical information and financial circumstances in order to allow the Secretary, a fully qualified medical practitioner, to confidentially assess whether or not an applicant meets the charity’s criteria for a financial grant to be made.

How personal information is used and stored

This personal information will be provided by the applicant in person, or by consent through a third party. These details are received in hand or typewritten  form, or entered onto a template form via our website and emailed to the secretary for processing. These personal details are only made available to those committee members who have a legitimate need to access the data and who will be authorised to do so; it will not be divulged to any other persons, unless with the specific consent of the individual concerned. If this consent is granted, the third party consulted will be that individual’s General Practitioner or Medical Consultant.

How long personal information is kept

All paper records are kept by the Secretary and kept for no longer than is necessary, whilst online forms remain accessible only to the Secretary and will be deleted in the same time frame as paper records. The Charities above will store such personal information for a period of one year, or for less time if an applicant is unsuccessful. Once an application for a grant has been considered, an individual may ask for any information kept on them to be destroyed, before that one year period is up, by contacting the Secretary or the Chairperson.


The Charities do not undertake any marketing or sales and will not share or pass on personal details to anyone without the specific consents mentioned above.


We are committed to ensuring that all the information provided to us is secure and that the third parties, who are consulted during the application process, are contacted with the clear consent of the applicant and only via the Secretary. Confirmation of grants is made by the Secretary to the individual or their agent directly. Trustees are informed of grants made, using an anonymous numbering system that only the Secretaries operate.

Applications for grants greater than £500

Where larger sums are applied for, by an individual or an organisation, the matter is considered by the whole trustee committee. The Secretary will inform the committee whether or not the relevant medical and financial criteria are met, without the need for disclosing personal details. Once again, if an application is successful, information will kept by the secretary for a period of up to one year and for less time, if the applicant is unsuccessful. Any applicant may request removal or destruction of the information stored by the Charities by contacting the Secretary or the Chairman.

Chairperson… Mrs. Emma Kidson

The Secretaries…

Dr Peter Bottomley, Dr Ellen Nolan, Dr Sarah Lyle and Dr David Northern                                         


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