Thompson Pritchard Trust


The Thompson Pritchard Trust awards grants to organisations and individuals to assist those who have a serious health problem or disability.  To qualify, a grant must be used for the benefit of persons living in Shropshire with a low income and little  capital.  Most of the awards are small grants made to individuals, and a decision can be made reasonably quickly (within weeks).  The trustees meet twice yearly in April and October when decisions about larger grants are made. Examples of grants made include travel to and from hospital, convalescence, respite care, medical appliances, mobility aids and essential household appliances.  Grants cannot be made for debts, bills or expenses already incurred.  Applicants should include information about their health problems and financial situation together with the support of a ‘sponsor’ such as a health care worker, social worker, housing support officer or person of a similar standing who knows the applicant. An application form can be downloaded from the Applications page of the website.



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